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Fellow & Publication Contributor
INTERVIEW // Dance as an exploration of the Nature/Culture Continuum: An Interview with Sondra Fraleigh

Photo: Painting by Kat Brown

    Dance is an art that can only exist through continuous embodiment, it’s a living expression of self and symbol that exists in the perpetual present moment. Dance is made through bodies in motion; the body is a biological entity, but the body in dance is also a conceptualized, cultured and…


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ESSAY // Movement as Language, Healing, and Liberation

I have been dancing since I first felt the flesh surrounding me in my mother’s womb. Dance for me, like many and most I know, is my purest form of expression. It opens light inside of me, and has been a language between my brain, my body, and my spirit that only I can fully understand. 

When I think of dance, I think of movement, performing, being in motion. This dance, this movement…


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Fellow & Publication Contributor
ESSAY // Measuring the Value of Our Work

I randomly stepped into an audition in July of 2016, expecting nothing, with a company that I had no prior relationship with, and two months later found myself getting emailed a contract for second cast of a brand new, ongoing, immersive theater show. I’d be performing multiple times a week. I’d be getting…


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Friend of LEIMAY
ESSAY // Favoring Fire: reflections on art and production - PART I

Part I: Passion and Ignorance


We talk, in this country at least, about following one’s passion, but I think we don’t mean it. Or rather we mean it only insofar as our passion comes with a 401(k) or can lead to a…


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ESSAY // The Embodied Shame Pole

Alex Franz Zehetbauer, photo by Ismael Cruz.




I have found that I am unsatisfied with my artistic endeavors when they are not relevant…


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Fellow & Publication Contributor
ESSAY // Ana Mendata’s Siluetas Series

Image: Ana Mendata Siluetas Series

    The concrete nature of bodily being is typically in contrast with the ephemeral nature of the performative space. In An Ontology of Performance Peggy Phelan states that “performance’s being becomes itself…


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LEIMAY Ensemble & Guest Colaborators
ESSAY // Death of the Dance Sciences: David Deutsch v. Tere O'Connor

According to David Deutsch, the transformation that the Enlightenment brought to modern scientific thinking was not scientific tests (any dumb theory is testable), nor philosophical empiricism (the senses lie), nor a challenge to authority (it had been challenged before), but a tradition of critical investigation. Enlightenment thinkers and scientists finally began “seeking…


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Fellow & Publication Contributor
ESSAY // Experimental Theatre - Who is it for?

I was going to write this article on the use of Viewpoints in the creation of performance. For those of you who may not be familiar with the technique, the Viewpoints is an improvisational performance tool, which evolved from postmodern dance. Its founder, Mary Overlie, took the two main elements used in stage performance, - time and space -…


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Fellow & Publication Contributor
ESSAY//Jo-Ha-Kyu and the Discordant Aesthetic, Paul Peers.

Jo-Ha-Kyu and the Discordant Aesthetic

As a young man in my early twenties I spent a year living in Japan. What brought me to live there was my determination to deepen my training in a Zen sword discipline called Iaido. At the time my Japanese language was quite poor, only surviving with rudimentary phrases. Luckily, the philosophy of Japanese martial art training was observation and practice. Hardly anything was explained, its theory, philosophy and execution…


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ESSAY// Kinetics Movement Arts and e+i Studio

It began with instant attraction.  Dancer and choreographer Yana Schnitzler had worn a bracelet with a magnetic clasp when dining at a restaurant.  While reaching towards the table, a fork became attached to her bracelet, dangling from her wrist.  That event provided inspiration for her to explore the effects of magnetism on the human body and,…


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ESSAY // The Williamson Technique and the Magnetic Actor

The Ten Minute Exercise

It is the actor’s job to be an acrobat of the human condition.  They must access the limits of themselves, consistently coming to a full emotional life.  It is…


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Fellow & Publication Contributor
ESSAY // Symbolic Action: Performativity in Contemporary Art (part 2)

Janine Antoni Lick and Lather (1993). sculptures installed at the New Museum.

The Performativity in Everyday Life. Identity and the Presentation of the…


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Learning a New and Familiar Language with LEIMAY

Wearing the space.

Bodies as a kind of weather.

How do we create a revolution of vulnerability within our species?…


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Fellow & Publication Contributor
ESSAY // Solo Process

Alexa Salamé, Starting


By Alexa…


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Fellow & Publication Contributor
ESSAY // Community Is The New Kale

Photo of: Bre Short and David Glista, by Catherine Jaeger

Community Is The New Kale

by Kate Ladenheim

“Community is about as buzzy as kale,” says my best friend Bre Short, who also dances…


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Team Member
ESSAY // On Activation

Annabelle Piery and Yoann Rollo, Photo by Raul Zbengheci

 “Too long, too much time staring at glowing rectangles, faces dissolve into each other and the city eats itself, fucks itself into oblivion.  Sitting in a chair with an…


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ESSAY // On The Road with LEIMAY

Above: Our poster in front of the museum, photo of LEIMAY's Floating Point Waves

'been flirting with distant futures and long shores along the city's periphery.  What could have been and what is now.  And scores of grime fighting for a place in my stomach, on the back of my broken neck, my broken face…


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ESSAY // (re) discovering gutai

Kazuo ShiragaChallenging Mud, 1955

1st Gutai Open Air Exhibition, Tokyo,1955 Ashiya City Museum of Art & History.


Under the watchful eye…


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Friend of LEIMAY
ESSAYS // On stillness and touch: biodynamic performance

Stillness: in biodynamic craniosacral therapy and improvisational performance

“Space and silence are two aspects of the same thing. The same no-thing. They are externalization of inner space and inner silence,…


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Fellow & Publication Contributor
Working with the Environment through Dance and Film

*Photo by Natalie Deryn Johnson*

The LEIMAY Fellowship is supplying me with the space and resources to create the second film in the environmental dance film series,…


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