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Floating Point Waves- Video Clip

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Video on the way! Promise!

We are hard at work for Floating Point Waves and we have video to prove it! Footage will be posted soon!

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LEIMAYblog // Tipping Point by LEIMAY guest Kevin Fay

A tipping point is a sensitive, delicate place. In most cases, I believe it is a place where change/evolution begins/ends.

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LEIMAYblog // Reflections on Becoming by LEIMAY member Eija Ranta



absorbing from the surrounding, forming in to reflection of it,

transforming in to new and different yet the same. 

slowmoving, deformed.                                              time stops.

shapeless. birth.                                                       identityless.

reaching a shape, moment of stillness and suddenly dissolving again. disappearing.


never coming.


keeping becoming.

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LEIMAYblog // Reflections on the New Museum by LEIMAY guests Elke and Kira

Elke & Kira:

We appreciated the openness of the situation; showing work where you are and where you are in your life. Sharing an experience, not just sharing something outside of yourself.

In this discussion, we want to see more of what artists do in rehearsal, connecting ideas about a future body and your rehearsal processes. How is a future body envisioned and rehearsed?

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Floating Point Waves- Strings and water and...

Strings and water and light and waves- it's the stuff the universe is made of.

We know.

We have been dealing with it in every rehearsal for Floating Point Waves and we would like to be able to share our hard work and explorations with you!

Help us bring this experience to you! Donate…


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Sin City (song)

This old town's

filled with sin

and it'll swallow you in

if you've got

some money to burn

take it home

right away

you've got three years to pay

but satan

is waiting his turn

this old earthquake's gonna leave me in the poorhouse

it feels like this whole town's insane

on the 31st floor

a gold-plated door

won't keep out the Lord's burning rain

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LEIMAYblog // Reflections on Becoming by LEIMAY guest Kevin Fay

We are constantly becoming. Inside each new day, we are changing and evolving. Physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, if we allow ourselves, we change all the time. That being said, however, why does that happen? Why are we not static beings? Also, how does it happen? Can we stop it? I suspect we can't, but the mind is a powerful thing capable of leading us to believe anything -- especially if we are motivated (e.g. by fear, by instinct, by others, etc.).

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Floating Point Waves - The Fund Raiser Experience

We are at the beginning of an epic online fundraiser experience. Excitement and hope are high! 

It will take more than our positive outlook to keep this thing going. We will need your support now more than ever!

Even if you only share the site link to your friends it is appreciated! And no amount donated is too small. Just about everyone has at least $2 in pocket change hanging around with dust bunnies! Put it…


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LEIMAYblog // Things have been LEIMAY guest Simon Courchel

The present, the next present...and the next present/In the future I will/Let's bring back the zombies/

be able to be invisible/Zombies or robots?/The future will become more detailled/repetition to acceed new possibilities with the body/Objects are extension of your body/less room for chaos/more control/

chaos vs clarity/I don t know if I am makig sense/I'am having a converstion using my body with your brain which I don t control and understand/Oh God! it's alive!/Ready?

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A Run

To know that we will have money to produce a performance run is comforting. To know that this support is coming from our friends and fans is an even greater comfort. It is good to feel like you are not just scraping by and making do with what you have- to feel like you can have the track shoes deigned for long distance and not house slippers to go…


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LEIMAYblog // Reflections on Moeno Wakamatsu's workshop by LEIMAY member Eija Ranta

Difference in describing and becoming (a scent etc.).

Internal vs. external impulse.

"dance is not movement".

Keep body as passive matter, but have desire. This contradiction creates a dance, because 

desire always has a direction. How do you transform the image you have into your body? -This is your work.

Slow motion vs. movement that is slow as a result.

-don't remove yourself from the reality, stay awake.


With emotions body goes…


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LEIMAYblog // Thoughts from Wednesday by LEIMAY guest Ian Wen

* viewing the room trying to balance atop wood blocks, it appeared so extra-ordinary.  context can make anything performative

* i thought of how much balance is requried just to stand up, a series of minute adjustments that keep us vertical.  moving is a result of losing balance.  but then to balance an egg on the floor, it achieves zero point.  do we have a zero point?  eat like a baby, balance like a baby (egg) - how did we get so far away from this?

* i found myself equating…


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LEIMAYblog // Reflection on the New Museum Experience by LEIMAY guest Michael Ring

Here are some of my reflections across the two days of the open rehearsals:

There is an enormous difference that is VISABLE in thought and practice, "not thinking" is not unorganized, it is changed and directional but typically begins with an idea of play.

A color body in opposite color space is infecting, a body morphing from the inside or being pressed all around. The color and it's space are influenced by one another. Does yellow move freely through orange but is…


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LEIMAYblog // Reflections on Becoming by LEIMAY member Andrea Jones

A process… it signifies an eventual change. There is movement and evolution: a flowing current of electricity. Even in supposed stillness, there is movement: a humming, buzzing, vibrating energy. Energy that is active. Energy that is latent. It lies hidden, dormant within the organism. Fighting, struggling against the cocoon of the flesh. Propels us towards the next stage of existence: towards annihilation, towards realization.


To become something other than what you already…


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LEIMAYblog // Response to New Museum and Future Body by LEIMAY guest Yara Travieso

The event at New Museum and the questioned posed by Leimay: "What is the Future Body?" were opportunities to dig deeper within ourselves and our community.  

Most speakers and presenters referenced the future body inside the framework of past ideas of not yet realized concepts.  When asked a question about the future, we only have the past as a source to inform our answer.  Thus, I am left wondering how would the same question be answered to a similar group in the…


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Communications Between Cells: (Very Important)

So I basically just wanted to mention how awesome and complicated and important cell communication was. That a billions of individual cells have to find a way to be self contained and yet still have lucid communication with eachother near and far. Which allows muscles to contract, electricity to go through our neurons, hormones to regulate our bodies, cells to…


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LEIMAYblog // Jeff Shortt on Tackling borders

When I was first tackling the concept of borders there were many examples that came to mind fairly quickly. Some of these examples were metaphorical and others more concrete - all of them sharing what I now consider to have been a weakness in my foundational understanding of what a border can be. I was constantly envisioning a structure that divided two things. Perhaps these things were once one thing. Perhaps they had actually never made contact with each other, and the drama before me was…


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LEIMAYblog // Reflections on Becoming by LEIMAY member Andrew

To accept the notion of "becoming" as central involves both a tearing down and a freeing up to build. On the one hand, we have to watch certain notions that we like very much, formerly steady and eternal, sink and crumble into steaming, swirling murk. Some of these are pretty important navigational maps.

But then so on the other hand, as those maps disappear, the world behind them eventually (after some blind scrabbling around) starts to come into focus on its own terms.…


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