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PERCEPTIONS // Used Tea bag

That little used tea bag hanging..., a product of consumer capitalism..., has traveled more then i did..., it's a herbal tea consisting of 7 medicinal and culinary herbs... -- Shakespeare's Ofelia: language of flowers speaking to the deaf...

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This morning at 8, I wasn't afraid of heights
Took off into the most brilliant colorlessness 
White wing of white plane
Ice frozen to little window
Water rolling over ice
Snow sideways falling behind
Clouds crowd up to take first rays of bright, light winter sideways…

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PERCEPTION // Materialization/De-Materialization

Time Square is New York's success story. It is the bionic heart, changing the blood that runs through the post-industrial world. The beat carries heavy across thick ponds and thinned dreams. It's colored brilliant in blinding neon, but manages to still remain silver and numb because it is inherently ephemeral, detached. 


It's history is…


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PERCEPTION: A Guide to Kinship and Maybe Magic // Isabel Lewis/Lewis Forever

In A Guide to Kinship and and Maybe Magic, boundaries between blood sisters are explored in silent film.  A group of women, Sarah, Isabel, and Ligia Lewis – three of the four siblings Lewis – occupy a multi level home with an outdoor patio. …


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PERCEPTION // Mapping the Void // VESSEL

Hands to floor, feet to wall, legs astride two others.  I ascended the stairs to reach The Alchemical, a performance, screening, and rehearsal theater bordering the West Village and Chelsea, and was greeted with a soft and familiar floral scent; incense alight.  Upon entering, I stepped into a white staging space without borders, save for the four walls of the room.  It was the…


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PERCEPTION // Esther Kläs at MoMA PS1

One’s typical reading and research on Esther Kläs would lead to a discussion over self-generated sculptural work, the fluidity of her creative process, and an overarching sense that Kläs was born to be a sculptor.  This visit inside of the artist’s work will not aim to discuss the merits of her sculptural process.  Stepping…


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PERCEPTION // Findlay/Sandsmark // fractured bones/let's get lost

Probably the first thing one would notice walking into findlay//sansmark's new piece would be the row of programmers lined up in front of the stage, wearing costumes and foil hats.  Or perhaps it was the small tower of aged computer monitors playing loops of the set's design.  Either way, the…


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PERCEPTIONS // The Poetics of Space

Alexa Salamé, photo by Shige Moriya

Alexa Salamé

On Poetics

I’ve been gently navigating my way through Gaston Bachelard’s The Poetics of Space for a time now. In it,…


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PERCEPTIONS // MoMA PS1 Summer School 2012: Ritualizing Peformance

Steve Paxton, Genesis P-Orridge, Marina Abramovic, Students

Marina Abramovic spoke of an age-old dilemma for one engaged in and practicing…


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PERCEPTION // Tahina Spectabilis, Marina Abramović [Interwoven] Our Bodies in Time

photo by John Dransfield

Tahina Spectabilis, otherwise known as dimaka, is a rare and endangered kind of palm that flowers itself to its own death in northwest…


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PERCEPTIONS // Jennifer Monson's Live Dancing Archive @ The Kitchen

Benjamin Norman

At the Kitchen a couple of weeks ago, Jennifer Monson showed us that her body of work continues to pursue a rigorous investigation into dance. After seeing the performance of Monson’s Live Dancing…

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PERCEPTIONS // About Technique

When I direct, observe, and teach performers- I face the same paradoxical phenomena in all three situations. The necessity of technique and its stagnating damaging effect on the performer.  The question then is “What is talent and the role of technique in training?”  …


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above: photo of the central room of the installation, bubble gum on display, photo by Ayumi Sakamoto

Funny this relationship between exhaustion and bliss.  Catharsis and ecstasy.  They both have their short runs, short run sentiments, short run utopias.  Yet there is always the climactic…


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PERCEPTION // Yuko Kaseki's Unspelled // Body Bag: Unknit Moments and a Schizophrenic's Word

above: Yuko Kaseki, all photos by Shige Moriya      



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PERCEPTIONS // Garbage World 5 (lite)

José Hernandez (above) and Sofia Moreno (below). Photos by Tyler Kline

Ok so this is GARBAGE WORLD 5 (lite)! The advert gives a good sense of some of GW's past themes: there sits, among neon confetti, a hoagie full of processed meat and cheese, partially wrapped in tin foil. I attended Garbage World 2 or maybe 3 in Chicago, where the thing was born…


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PERCEPTIONS // Dancing in the Museum

This past October, I was hired as a performer at New York City's Museum of Modern Art for a three week exhibition by the French choreographer, Boris Charmatz. During my last week at the museum, I was standing and watching a group of performers in motion surrounded by hundreds of museum goers.

A woman in her early…


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PERCEPTION: Dance // New York Live Arts Presents The Barnard Project

POND photo courtesy Ian Douglas.

The four pieces presented at New York Live Arts November 15 – 17 represent a fair parcel of the spectrum expected from a performance event birthed from the combined efforts of students of an interdisciplinary program (in this case, Dance and related humanities). Choreographed by students of…


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