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VIDEO // "Psychosexual Obsessions" with Mason Chambers King


Mason Chambers King (A.K.A. Macy Rodman) is an artist who lives in Bushwick. His first EP, BUGZ, was released on October 31st and is available for free download on his soundcloud.



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VIDEO // "Full Pleasure" with Labanna Babalon


Labanna Babalon is an artist manifesting her own reality as a sexually awakened woman, an emissary of Whoreship and proponent of alien existence. Her unorthodox artwork commonly takes the forms of video, audio, and live performance which she skillfully synthesizes with social media.…


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INTERVIEW // Dance as an exploration of the Nature/Culture Continuum: An Interview with Sondra Fraleigh

Photo: Painting by Kat Brown

    Dance is an art that can only exist through continuous embodiment, it’s a living expression of self and symbol that exists in the perpetual present moment. Dance is made through bodies in motion; the body is a biological entity, but the body in dance is also a conceptualized, cultured and…


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INTERVIEW // Pull the Trigger: Noemie LaFrance

Noemie LaFrance wants you to start a revolution.  With 10+ years of theatre and choreography under her belt, her latest project CHOREOGRAPHY FOR AUDIENCE – TAKE ONE aims to take on the rapid changes technology brings to our lives and how it effects the ways we relate to one another.. 

I sat down with LaFrance to talk site-specific work, audience…


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INTERVIEW // Time Traveling with Thunder Horse Video


Time traveling has long been reserved for characters in disjointed films or conceptual beings that have the ability to revisit past and future events as if they were a…


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INTERVIEW // The City of Ladies: a question of where

This article is a contribution from 2018-2019 LEIMAY Fellowship Artist Jenna Kirk. The LEIMAY Fellows are a group of local artists working individually throughout the year at the LEIMAY studio.…


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Working with the Environment through Dance and Film

*Photo by Natalie Deryn Johnson*

The LEIMAY Fellowship is supplying me with the space and resources to create the second film in the environmental dance film series,…


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INTERVIEW // Anahita Dehbonehie, Scenographer & Production Designer

Photo: Installation for Transmission, designed by Anahita Dehbonehie. Photo by Ian Garrett. 

For the past several months, I’ve been working on Transmission: a distributed, mixed reality performance that recently had…


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INTERVIEW // "Sterile Opulence" with Hari Nef

Photos and text by Harry James Hanson

Hari Nef is a student at Columbia University, a sister of Chez Deep, and the doyenne of Tumblr. Her…


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PERCEPTION and INTERVIEW // Carly Ptak's Idea Machine

photo by Samuel Huber

Faraday Cages.

Always a game of disruption and calm.  Some examples of Faraday Cages: (intentional or not)

A microwave oven

An elevator

A "booster bag" --the one crafty shoplifters use to boost items without them getting detected by the…


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Interview // A Few Questions for Post-Dance Choreographer Lindsey Drury

photo by Laura Bartczak

Raul Zbengheci introduced me to Lindsey Drury after I had mentioned being interested…


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INTERVIEW // Kaia Gilje and Paige Fredlund: Breathing with Objects

Paige Fredlund, Kaia Gilje, SELF PORTRAIT

The work that the magical duo Kaia Gilje and Paige Fredlund practice and perform can be put into a hybrid of non-literal descriptions that match their qualities, intentions, and curiosities: that of archeologist, avid collector, ecologist, fascinating organizer, object fascinator, superb listener, focused baker,…


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INTERVIEW // The "Internationally Controversial" Angel Eyedealism

Photos and text by Harry James Hanson


I walked into Lucky Cheng's in the East Village expecting to meet some fabulous…


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INTERVIEW // "Sustainable Love" with Qween Amor



Video, photos & text by Harry James Hanson…


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Interview with Tess Dworman: Philosophical Oddball

Tess Dworman, photo by NICOLE SCHNEIT.

I met Tess Dworman to interview her at the café at BRIC in Forte Greene near BAM and the Mark Morris Dance Center. It was one of the first beautiful, sunny days in May this year where everyone was making excuses to be walking outside. Chatting with Tess for a little over an hour with sandwiches,…


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INTERVIEW // Words on moves from Pina's dancers


BAM's blog conducted a twitter conversation with three (Eddie Martinez, Fernando Suels Mendoza, and Thusnelda Mercy) of the members of the Pina Bausch dance company regarding themes of haunting emotion, connections with Pina's spirit, and proper hair care in a hair obsessed crew. At once frustrating in its shortness and illuminating in…


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