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To be a conectom member:

Complete your profile. Please, include a picture and some background information about yourself.

Your profile will be deleted as bot spam if it is not filled out completely.

Click the MY PROFILE tab in the navigation bar to complete this task! 

Read. We have a publication section full of unique content! And we would love it if you ask about becoming content contributor.

Join or create a group. Create or join a group. Or groups in the plural! Keeping a group active will prevent it from being deleted.

Participate in the forum. Create or continue threads on topics that interest you.

Contact other artists. contectom is arrange so that you can find other members based on what kind of work they do. If you need a producer or advice from an arts admin, you can can't them and send them a message and accept requests if you get them! No one it a spam bot here! If the FRIEND ICON at the right of the page will indicate if you have FRIEND REQUEST. Click to approve!

Post events. Add your performance or exhibition to our event calendar. Browse through our event calendar. Attend some interesting things. Write about them in conectom!

Get to know about LEIMAY. They are the ones keeping conectom going!


If you have read this far, we totally love you for it! Please also make sure the email address you created your profile with is accepting messages from this site. Sometimes they get lost in spam folders or filters, so check your settings.
And please invite people who would be interested in a clutter free social network dedicated to the arts. If you know a person or organization that might like to join us, we suggest sending them an email with a link to the site. The emails generated by the INVITE page, are usually stopped by SPAM filters (meaning people won't get them). So you can invite them with your own email.


You agree that as member of conectom, you will not use conectom to post or display any material that is, unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, tortuous, defamatory, vulgar, invasive of another's privacy, hateful, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable to a reasonable person.
You agree that conectom and LEIMAY (CAVE Organization Inc.) reserves the right to remove from the site any of the aforementioned material without first notifying the person or any other individual or entity. This network is not facebook, we trust you will manage your content accordingly.
You agree that as a member of conectom you will receive information about conectom and LEIMAY activities.

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