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Please Consider Your Audience: An Opinion Essay by Mariana Taragano

Please Consider Your Audience…


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Fellow & Publication Contributor
PROCESS // Ten years of performance art – a reflection on the creative process

This article is a contribution from 2017-2018 LEIMAY Fellowship Artist Polina Porras Sivolobova. The LEIMAY Fellows are a group of local artists working individually throughout the year at the LEIMAY studio.

Conceptual drawing-map of the performance Viva La Vida, 2014 by Polna Porras…


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Fellow & Publication Contributor

(Image: The Rape of Persephone, Greek fresco from Macedonian tomb circa 400 B.C., Museum of the Royal Tombs of Aigai)



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Fellow & Publication Contributor
Performance as a Work-In-Progress, of Life

The mutual transformation and influence between everyday life and practice of art is a common experience among many artists. The experience is intense for artists with an art practice that necessitates the recording of their process and art form into the cells of their bodies, particularly performance artists and performing artists who have to enact…


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Fellow & Publication Contributor
PROCESS // Notes from Inside the Box

For the past year, I’ve been working on a piece called Glass: a multi-disciplinary dance performance…


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Friend of LEIMAY
ESSAYS // On stillness and touch: biodynamic performance

Stillness: in biodynamic craniosacral therapy and improvisational performance

“Space and silence are two aspects of the same thing. The same no-thing. They…


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Team Member
TSW: Kate

Time in the (LEIMAY) Studio with...

Kate Ladenheim…


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Fellow & Publication Contributor
PERCEPTIONS // About Technique

When I direct, observe, and teach performers- I face the same paradoxical phenomena in all three situations. The necessity of technique and its stagnating damaging effect on the performer.  The question then is “What is talent and…


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Fellow & Publication Contributor
PROCESS// A Candid List of Inspirations


At Sea by Peter Hutton

The Mirror by Andrey Tarkovsky

My work is particularly influenced by The Mirror. For me this is one of the most inspiring dance films. At the time…


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Fellow & Publication Contributor
ESSAY // Measuring the Value of Our Work

I randomly stepped into an audition in July of 2016, expecting nothing, with a company that I had no prior relationship with, and two months later found myself getting emailed a contract for second cast of a brand new, ongoing, immersive theater show. I’d be performing multiple times a week. I’d be getting…


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Learning a New and Familiar Language with LEIMAY

Wearing the space.

Bodies as a kind of weather.

How do we create a revolution of vulnerability within our species?…


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Fellow & Publication Contributor
PERCEPTIONS // The Poetics of Space

Alexa Salamé, photo by Shige Moriya

Alexa Salamé

On Poetics

I’ve been gently navigating my way through Gaston…


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ESSAY // Psychological Examination of the Presence of Butoh Dancers’ Body

Psychological Examination of the Presence of Butoh Dancers’ Body

Tadashi Kato, Ph.D., Fairmont State University



My first encounter with Butoh was Kunishi Kamiryo’s performance in Tokyo in Spring 1984.  I was a college freshman and was recommended to see his performance from a fellow student in Akira Kasai’s Eurythmy class.  At that time, I did not know anything about…


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Fellow & Publication Contributor
Essay // AN ODE to: Kandinsky

Landscape with Red Spots  c.1913, Wassily Kandinsky

“Art only begins where imitation ends”

Oscar Wilde De Profundis…


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LEIMAY Ensemble & Guest Colaborators
LEIMAYblog // On Writing by LEIMAY Ensemble Member Derek DiMartini

(Disclaimer: while seemingly unrelated to leimay's rehearsal process, I felt this post belonged here, next to all the others)

There’s something so

tragically selfish

about writing—

To be kept away from the


of day to day,

Content with the isolation

needed to draw out what

lies beneath.


How arrogant

of one to think that

solitude could lead to

greatness!  That the things…


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LEIMAY Ensemble & Guest Colaborators
Invented Text

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briar clowman brutanite

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saracophonus ack lorrum

sunder bode wrek clune tao

amor ella bon gia flo risen

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graphon oh gunda chi valloway

shrinance eel ophan frenma

halloway dryscue lario

rander umprietta bel pro nassum

ephrennial khan jour nassa tek

honorennial benna…


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LEIMAY Ensemble & Guest Colaborators
LEIMAYblog // Andrea Jones - Notes on borders: Part 3


Something that I keep going back to during the borders creation process is T.S. Eliot's poetic work, "Four Quartets"

there are a lot of phrases and imagery from the poem that have crept into my dance; somewhat unintentionally.
When I think about the process of making work with LEIMAY, I especially think of the phrase "A lifetime burning in every moment." 
There are no breaks in LEIMAY pieces, there is no going off into the…

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