PROCESS // trigonometry of lips: notes on perfectionism, or why face lifts can’t heal climate change

grids and lines

3D printers

more and more symmetry

gravity, dissociated

lasers, lifts, removal


Earth is oxidizing —water your lawn so we don’t see her.

dry, cracked skin.

too much fluid in the ankles of Florida

Disembody—freeze the face. Move to Mars.

Death is showing up in us.  If you’re alone and big with yourself, the orcas will take turns holding your fins down. They adapt quickly enough.  Smooth, not breaking the water.  Turning away from the taste of intervention.

scared, valuable: eat the wild.

Does she restore her place in the orca matrilineal if saggy skin no longer breaks water?

Beadlets, gloss. Like Kiera Knightly.

There is a woman in the world living with a donor’s face. She blew her own off with a gun of the unfaithful lover.

Another woman.

Not room for two oracles.

And her face, never perfect, obliterated by the hurricane of the bullet moving upward.

Not perfect, never perfect—

so, death

did not come perfectly.

No one can see you now, you become a mime of yourself in disfigurement.

A cartoon, mimicking emotions.

Sending landmarks so that someone might know who you are, where you are.

The pliability of the face—gives me everything of you..

Please come back from behind the numbness.

Voluntary disfigurement.

Laser, lift, remove.

Nerves, cut.

Can you still feel so much with your heart?

How come I can’t see it?

You know who keeps me from the studio? From my creativity?


I can’t find it.

I can’t find it.

The numbers, the lines.

Not in matter.

I find it only in my imagination, in theory.

A flash of it through effort—and it is gone.

I want to look for something else.

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