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LEIMAYblog // Reflections on 11/28 at New Museum by LEIMAY guest Zavé Martohardjono


When the egg finally stood, it was a magical feeling. As if lightness had suddenly lifted all its weight upwards into the sky. I had been holding it with such gentle guidance for so long, wondering what tiny molecular balance it would take to reach equilibrium, and finally I pulled my fingers away as quickly as possible when it happened. I felt the watery weight catch gravity on every side of its shell.

On the wooden block, it was first a process of lifting, just…


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LEIMAY Ensemble & Guest Colaborators
LEIMAYblog: Elizabeth McAuliffe. On Becoming Soft

"Becoming-Corpus" plays with extreme states of the body.  At times we move as slow as we possibly can, other times we push ourselves to move as fast as we possibly can.  Sometimes our movements emphasize our muscular strength, sometimes we attempt to completely forget that we are made of muscle and bone.  Tension and softness are in constant dialogue.  Over the past few years I have discovered that my impulse usually moves me towards tension, and lately I have been wondering about softness. …


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