When I was first tackling the concept of borders there were many examples that came to mind fairly quickly. Some of these examples were metaphorical and others more concrete - all of them sharing what I now consider to have been a weakness in my foundational understanding of what a border can be. I was constantly envisioning a structure that divided two things. Perhaps these things were once one thing. Perhaps they had actually never made contact with each other, and the drama before me was the closest they had ever come. All of these scenarios portray a relationship between three things...

Then an opinion was voiced by a like-minded mover :) and an idea was born. I suddenly realized that borders are created by the coming together of two things. This statement was true before, it had always been true. However, now I realized the significance of accepting that idea before latching on to the concept of a divisional structure. When new sunlight comes through your window to meet a settling darkness this is the meeting of two things. There is no structure between them yet a border is created. You can see it. It noticeably effects the environment and your overall experience. There is a separation. What is this border between dark and light? Where does it start? How does it end? Are there others like it?

Lately I have found myself focusing on where two things meet as opposed to these third parties, these immediately tangible barriers between things. It defies many of my original thoughts on the word Borders. At first there may have been some negative connotations attached, but I think the negativity actually sparked from the almost subconscious assumption of borders being dividers rather than meeting places. The coming together of two things is what creates all tension, great and terrible. I think this is a much healthier and far more balanced approach when exploring the concept of Borders.

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