LEIMAYblog // Response to New Museum and Future Body by LEIMAY guest Yara Travieso

The event at New Museum and the questioned posed by Leimay: "What is the Future Body?" were opportunities to dig deeper within ourselves and our community.  

Most speakers and presenters referenced the future body inside the framework of past ideas of not yet realized concepts.  When asked a question about the future, we only have the past as a source to inform our answer.  Thus, I am left wondering how would the same question be answered to a similar group in the 60's, 70's and 80's, and if any of their responses looked anything like the body of the present.  Perhaps another subject left untouched is how we define the present body.  

The question is a great challenge and mystery as is the body itself.  The body is our point of reference for everything as well as our visual connection to our theoretical “inner selves”, yet we are alien to what lies within our skin’s outer layer. We’re inside our heads all the time, but never inside our physical body.  There is a lack of intimacy with the body that we have yet to penetrate.

I feel we would have benefited even more from a looser forum that could give us all the opportunity to ask questions and interact with each speaker.  Additionally, inviting thinkers outside the dance field and art fields could help bridge the gap between the already very isolated dance community, as well as help envision a more integrated "future body" in a larger scope.  

I am grateful to Ximena and Shige for giving me the opportunity to participate in this conversation and hopefully continue to explore it.  

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Comment by LEIMAY on December 9, 2012 at 7:57pm

Yes, December 16 we will have a conversation. We hope you can join! 

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