LEIMAYblog // Reflections on Moeno Wakamatsu's workshop by LEIMAY member Eija Ranta

Difference in describing and becoming (a scent etc.).

Internal vs. external impulse.

"dance is not movement".

Keep body as passive matter, but have desire. This contradiction creates a dance, because 

desire always has a direction. How do you transform the image you have into your body? -This is your work.

Slow motion vs. movement that is slow as a result.

-don't remove yourself from the reality, stay awake.


With emotions body goes into patterns it has naturally, common for all of us. This makes it easy to loose connection with the space. Reacting to ones own emotions takes it away from the audience.

Have a calm self and see what happens.

When all is stripped off, what are you left with?

When you have nothing to do, you're left with your vulnerable self that is attractive.

Origin emotions vs. the emotions.


While performing somebody falls in love with you because you are open and sincere,

this is a true moment of beauty, the ultimate presence on stage.


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