LEIMAYblog // Thoughts from Wednesday by LEIMAY guest Ian Wen

* viewing the room trying to balance atop wood blocks, it appeared so extra-ordinary.  context can make anything performative

* i thought of how much balance is requried just to stand up, a series of minute adjustments that keep us vertical.  moving is a result of losing balance.  but then to balance an egg on the floor, it achieves zero point.  do we have a zero point?  eat like a baby, balance like a baby (egg) - how did we get so far away from this?

* i found myself equating zero point and balance with neutrality.

* i enjoyed the different states of speed we explored (e.g., outside fast, inside fast, outside slow, inside fast, etc).  but I found myself questioning why we associated no-thinking with moving fast.  if we truly explore reflecting the world around us, refracting everything at once, moment to moment, there is no thought and also no necessity to move fast versus slow.


thank you ximena, shige and LEIMAY for letting me play with all of you just a bit, i hope i have the chance again.  i found it utterly exhilarating and provocative to talk and move with you,



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