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A process… it signifies an eventual change. There is movement and evolution: a flowing current of electricity. Even in supposed stillness, there is movement: a humming, buzzing, vibrating energy. Energy that is active. Energy that is latent. It lies hidden, dormant within the organism. Fighting, struggling against the cocoon of the flesh. Propels us towards the next stage of existence: towards annihilation, towards realization.


To become something other than what you already are requires potentiality: both the capacity to become something else and the ability and strength to make it happen. Becoming is about possibility and the journey to that possibility. Perhaps there are many possibilities. There is work involved, but we may not be conscious of this work. Sometimes you become something by chance. Sometimes a change is imposed upon you from an outside force. The potentiality to become something else, however, has always existed within your being.


Dying causes us to become something else… through decay. Physical decline: cells mutate, the corpse begins to fester and rot. It is an active process, though unintentional.


Force drives the process. It makes something new; something that did not previously exist. Sometimes I can “see” the possibility of what I can become. I imagine. I understand. I strive towards that end. I am conscious the whole time. I sense that I am becoming… something else… my new… desired state. Transformation, metamorphose, rebirth, transfiguration, transubstantiation, assumption.


Fire can kindle and extinguish itself. Its flames burn so brightly and boldly into its own extinction.

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