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LEIMAYblog // Reflections on Becoming by LEIMAY member Andrea Jones

A process… it signifies an eventual change. There is movement and evolution: a flowing current of electricity. Even in supposed stillness, there is movement: a humming, buzzing, vibrating energy. Energy that is active. Energy that is latent. It lies hidden, dormant within the organism. Fighting, struggling against the cocoon of the flesh. Propels us towards the next stage of existence: towards annihilation, towards realization.


To become something other than what you already…


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Friend of LEIMAY
INTERVIEW // Pull the Trigger: Noemie LaFrance

Noemie LaFrance wants you to start a revolution.  With 10+ years of theatre and choreography under her belt, her latest project CHOREOGRAPHY FOR AUDIENCE – TAKE ONE aims to take on the rapid changes technology brings to our lives and how it effects the ways we relate to one another.. 

I sat down with LaFrance to talk site-specific work, audience…


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Damo Suzuki with Avijja and Friends

I did voice performance with Damo Suzuki and Avija and friends.

I was behind a speaker , so you can not see me.

A high tone voice is mine.

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PROCESS // Meat & Light: Inside & Out with the Night Bears

I sat in on the Night Bears' three day residence at the Red Room, part of Horse Trade Theater.  Over this period, we discussed machines, bodies, and ate Indian food.  In an attempt to document this process, Sophia and I decided to link photos and words in a…


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VIDEO // Paradisiac Bestiary


"Paradisiac bestiary" is exploring various realms of the biblical sin, focusing on totemic elements and also on the christian symbol of the apple as the main epic pretext for the escape from the garden of Eden. Reinterpreting the fall from paradise using pagan ritualistic masks, the four characters challenge their identities as they're planning to be their…


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ESSAY // The Performances of Odyssey Works: Toward an Audience-Centered Art

The Performances of Odyssey Works: Toward an Audience-Centered Art

by Abraham Burickson


What would happen if an artist made art based entirely on his knowledge of his audience?  What would the artist have to do to create an environment where his work was fully received and felt by that audience?  How…


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PERCEPTION // Findlay/Sandsmark // fractured bones/let's get lost

Probably the first thing one would notice walking into findlay//sansmark's new piece would be the row of programmers lined up in front of the stage, wearing costumes and foil hats.  Or perhaps it was the small tower of aged computer monitors playing loops of the set's design.  Either way, the…


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Friend of LEIMAY
PERCEPTIONS // MoMA PS1 Summer School 2012: Ritualizing Peformance

Steve Paxton, Genesis P-Orridge, Marina Abramovic, Students

Marina Abramovic spoke of an age-old dilemma for one engaged in and practicing…


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PERCEPTION // Esther Kläs at MoMA PS1

One’s typical reading and research on Esther Kläs would lead to a discussion over self-generated sculptural work, the fluidity of her creative process, and an overarching sense that Kläs was born to be a sculptor.  This visit inside of the artist’s work will not aim to discuss the merits of her sculptural process.  Stepping…


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Team Member
INTERVIEW // Time Traveling with Thunder Horse Video


Time traveling has long been reserved for characters in disjointed films or conceptual beings that have the ability to revisit past and future events as if they were a…


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