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LEIMAYblog // Frantic Beauty by LEIMAY Ensemble Member Omer Ephron

Observing a mystic path,

Hypnotized by the imperfectly perfect and 

Surrounded by an infinite temptation of the forbidden curiosity

leads to the reflections of passion and darkness floating mutually holding their secrets.

Some may suggest those are the secrets of death,

however  life secrets have been kept there as well.

Life as we know it would cease to…


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Fellow & Publication Contributor
PROCESS // Exhibition Proposal: The Globe Shrinks for Those Who Own It

This is virtual show reenacted indefinitely but limited to 3 weeks chunks of time each piece.
This show is an open source software framework that has an open source API to allow interested parties to develop plugins or robots to integrate with gaming consoles and other apparatuses of choice.
When user installs that piece of software, their virtual reality gets altered with random interruptions of characters from different pieces of Fine Art history.

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Fellow & Publication Contributor
Mary Christmas! (a Christmas letter to Mary Overlie. Dec 2016)

" The silence of snow, thought the man sitting behind the bus driver. If this were the beginning of a poem, he would have called the thing he felt inside him the silence of snow" (Orhan Pamuk, Snow) 
Dear Mary after our conversation I feel the desire to respond to you with what I have, a disorganized or perhaps perfect collage of…

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Fellow & Publication Contributor
PROCESS // Some Questions About the Seven Doors of Bluebeard's Castle

Musings on the opera A Kékszakállu Herceg Vára (Duke Bluebeard's Castle)

by Béla Bartók, drama by Béla Balász




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This morning at 8, I wasn't afraid of heights
Took off into the most brilliant colorlessness 
White wing of white plane
Ice frozen to little window
Water rolling over ice
Snow sideways falling behind
Clouds crowd up to take first rays of bright, light winter sideways…

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Fellow & Publication Contributor
PROCESS// A Candid List of Inspirations


At Sea by Peter Hutton

The Mirror by Andrey Tarkovsky

My work is particularly influenced by The Mirror. For me this is one of the most inspiring dance films. At the time that I saw this film, I had been watching many recently…


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Fellow & Publication Contributor
Essay// Interdisciplinary within Meredith Monk's earlier works (part 3/1)

The uniqueness of Interdisciplinary depicted in Meredith Monk’s earlier works could be viewed from three different perspectives. First, from Monk’s growth based on various artistic performances and through the composition of her ensemble group, The House. Second, ‘Mixed Genre of Triangle Theatre’ from various arts and media. Lastly, the reconstruction of performance spaces.

Meredith Monk’s Growth and Composition of The House

Meredith Monk is a Peruvian…


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