This morning at 8, I wasn't afraid of heights
Took off into the most brilliant colorlessness 
White wing of white plane
Ice frozen to little window
Water rolling over ice
Snow sideways falling behind
Clouds crowd up to take first rays of bright, light winter sideways sun
Remarkable to be in such white, I know now that color is just a reflection of circumstance.
Traveling in the cloud for a while now, would like to feel like a raindrop but my frequency is too high to re-collect and fall back down just yet. 
Hypnotized by Elaine Radigue working low in circles (pretending to be an airplane). clouds falling over each other high and straight, lock-kneed, the crowd a singular thing; not clouds just crowd, like us in the airplane. Airplane masking its high buzz with the low murmur of propellers and moving light air, I am under its influence but I am not fooled!
I start to tear up, proud to not be afraid of heights. Fear so far away like I had never felt it before. The word fear hasn't even passed through me until now, back to myself. The forming tears blend this all together like one of my babyish water colors. 
a moment of joy.

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