LEIMAYblog // Frantic Beauty by LEIMAY Ensemble Member Omer Ephron

Observing a mystic path,

Hypnotized by the imperfectly perfect and 

Surrounded by an infinite temptation of the forbidden curiosity

leads to the reflections of passion and darkness floating mutually holding their secrets.

Some may suggest those are the secrets of death,

however  life secrets have been kept there as well.

Life as we know it would cease to exist if they were to be contained by a singular frame.

Channeling energy careful enough,

not to flick our hands ,until eventually we do ,

and learn how to create and build out of nothing.

The creation transcends space and time.

Frantic beauty is the core and the spine,

the mind and the heart of humanity.

It is everywhere asking to unleash the chains,

providing the opportunity of togetherness along of chaotic roads,

presented by different faces,

but yet manage to intrigue our spirits and souls.

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