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Viky Garcia Solo Show

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LEIMAYBlog // Fit Me Into You by LEIMAY Ensemble Member Derek DiMartini

This fits. This feels right. 

Is it the shape of things that determine what fits, or do we shape things to make them fit? When shaping ones own body there are always limits. The mannequin in the window will always wear it better. Creativity is bound within the walls of your figure. My shapes are often made to not fit everyone. They fit me and only me and even then they sometimes escape my control. And yet I can be fitted to. But only if I let you. No, only if I fit…


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Communications Between Cells: (Very Important)

So I basically just wanted to mention how awesome and complicated and important cell communication was. That a billions of individual cells have to find a way to be self contained and yet still have lucid communication with eachother near and far. Which allows muscles to contract, electricity to go through our neurons, hormones to regulate our bodies, cells to…


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When confronting the concept of BORDERS there is a relationship that I feel is necessary to investigate before defining the term. That relationship is the dichotomy of natural and unnatural borders, the difference between them, and how they interact with each other to divide the world we live in.

A great mountain range is a perfect example of a natural border. It is a collection of pillars created by the movement of the earth. These pillars control the weather that we experience,…


Added by Jeff M. Shortt on May 2, 2015 at 8:30am — No Comments

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