When confronting the concept of BORDERS there is a relationship that I feel is necessary to investigate before defining the term. That relationship is the dichotomy of natural and unnatural borders, the difference between them, and how they interact with each other to divide the world we live in.

A great mountain range is a perfect example of a natural border. It is a collection of pillars created by the movement of the earth. These pillars control the weather that we experience, they divide drastically different peoples despite the lack of geographical distance, and they pose a great obstacle to a driven body (ie. travelers, traders or mountain climbers). They are immovable by men, but not indestructible to them. In order to circumnavigate a mountain range one must go to great lengths to borough into its belly and create safe passage. The creation of safe passage often costs lives.

The division of voting districts is a perfect example of an unnatural border. These borders cannot be seen in space. They cannot be felt or experienced except through the abstraction of subdividing people within groups of people. The divider between these districts is a constantly changing border. Better put, it is a border regularly manipulated by men who seek specific division. Many people are subject to this border while few wield it according to their own design.

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