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giving, receiving touch           how does the body carry?                                                                                                                                                           what can you let go of, what can you retain?






angeli's notes:

mapping points of contact

in creating, finding

video as trace 

1st question

what comes to mind when you think of becoming?

"inner feeling... something inside... continuous growing"

-anabell, dancer

"growth... transformation by which those things happen"

- james, musician, choreographer, in soak festival, lives at the cave

"linear process... transformation in a direction"

-raul, interdisciplinary artist

"seed growth"

-saiko (spelling?), actress, film-maker, lives at the cave


-james lim, fashion casting

"shifting of matter, these states of being... the simple things"

- raul

"implication of getting to something else in the future"

- averil, actor

"states of transition... states of matter... physicality... obsession of shifts... fractals"

- andy, leimay dancer


- raul

car crash, scar, transformation, how it becomes a part of you, gaining in losing

- averil

becoming american, somewhere in between the mental & physical

- saiko

"what are you?"

- raul

"when words didn't appear," the trauma, when work is not articulated through language

- ximena

"breathing... how you become in your own body"

- anabell

"body and breath... connection"

- james

"when someone declares it [a becoming] on you," criminality, a doctor's diagnosis

- raul

2nd question

what do you think of when you think of mind, body spirit?

yoga, limitations of the body

- james

"something came out... air... particles of bodies... how do you relate to your own bodies?"

- saiko

"mind is noise for my spirit"

- anabell

"expansions of body"

- angeli

what if your spirit was not yours?  multiple spirits?

- raul

power animals, no possession, the ghosts that are part of you

- angeli

"internal space can be very different person to person.  it's not monolithic"

- andy

"becoming a woman/man", age, do you will yourself into it?

- averil

we tell each other where our bodies are now, what we're feeling, then move, then again after moving

averil's notes:

on becoming--

" a linear process. Always in Linearity" - Raul

"Becoming is something that's in motion...a substance in motion like a spine"- Anabell 

Right now, it's just myself, the world" James Lim

"Simple: bread becoming toast." Raul

"When the words didn't come, but the body was fighting to become it" (? Ximena?)

"Becoming isn't a personal thing...but is forced on you" (?)

immediate reflections:

James Gardella:

Enlivening; overwhelmed initially by so much sensation, which transformed to delight through surrendering to the power of touch; and how much information can be received, exchanged in this manner by closing your eyes and remaining in contact.


Expansive, I feel at once whole and dismembered, like my limbs are bound by something otherworldly, near ethereal

James Lim: e-mail ( add to mailing list

Nice.  Relaxing.  Difficult. Challenging.  Interesting.  Engaging.  Enjoyable.



Fantastic, interesting, sharing, connecting, smile, laugh, soft, hard, music that rings to my soul.


length of space between bones to measure with all states of matter

Anabell Cuevas:

I felt very nervous at the beginning but through the moment I felt very happy, released and free. My breathing now is very soft and gentle. I loved the contact exercise.

Averil Kelkar:

I feel immersed and open. Beautiful to be reminded of the unlimited body and how this

experience has made it come to be. I miss being in a young body.




When I think about the word becoming, three other words come to mind. Those words are: blossoming, belonging, and returning. To me, becoming is like blossoming in such that it is a process, with an inherent direction and a desired ideal destination. Like the way that the pinecone already contains its destiny to become a great pine tree, each of us already has the inherent potential to unfold into the radiant, whole, beautiful being we are designed to grow into. One cannot predict how this process will play out by looking forward, and even in the middle of the process it is awkward and seems to not make any sense; but many years down the road, one will be able to look back and see how everything unfolded perfectly, and how everything that seemed like an obstacle was actually an opportunity for growth.

I also think of the word belonging, because to me, the individual process of becoming is not separate from the process of evolution of one’s environment. As I continue to grow and change and discover new things about myself, I find more and more the unique way that I fit into a larger picture. As I change, my relationships change, and the people around me change and vice versa. As the world around me changes, I change, and it feels like the journey I am on is simply one individual expression of a larger transformation going on around me. A few years ago, I felt very alone in the world, and I was not able to see how my life was so intricately interconnected with all the lives around me. Today, I am becoming more perceptive of my place in the web of things, how my thoughts and actions affect the lives around me.

I also think of the word returning, because to me, the process of becoming is a return to a state of original wholeness. Philosopher Alan Watts likens the Big Bang to a bottle of ink being smashed at a wall. At one time, the ink was one thing, and suddenly it is smashed and scattered across a surface, and spreads out into finer and more complicated droplets. Watts says that we are the droplets, and the mistake we make as human beings is to cut ourselves off, and we think that we are just the droplet, and do not see that we are actually the bottle of ink. My voice teacher, Lisa Sokolov once told me that everything is moving towards repair. In this way, we are like the droplets of ink moving back towards one whole bottle of ink, back to an original state of wholeness. 


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