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"There’s something I hadn’t seen before."

"The human shapes are stratified, like the Grand Canyon, with straight lines bending along the bodies’ curves. The stripes are like skin, a zebra’s pelt, but also like slices, and as they spread, the bodies seem to be stretched, pulled apart."

− Brian Seibert, New York Times

"Our bodies really are in a way membranes that are operating in a universe of undifferentiated energy. And that’s what I felt in this piece"

− Daanish Masood, UN Advisor

"A beautiful, elegant piece expertly performed with a playful dose of humor"

− Mark Rifkin, This Week in New York

"Dancers morph fluidly like latex"

− Samantha Lim, Brooklyn Paper

"What an exquisite work you’ve created – or rather, birthed. It is fierce and fragile, necessary and immediate, human and strange, beautiful and haunting."

Elizabeth Hess, Actor and Director, New York University

"And I felt as though she was on this cosmic wave. I felt almost as if I were waiting for Venus to come washing over the shore. She was undulating onto this depth of spatiality, this dark spatiality, and I thought, “She’s dying.” And then I thought, “No, she’s borning."

Robert Flower, Philosopher, Lemoyne College

" -swear like I saw so many images. Protest. I saw fear. I saw two children playing. One didn’t want to play. I saw a girl and a boy riding electric horses and an indifferent crowd. I saw flowers blooming in the ocean. I saw an execution. And it was completely abstract and gestural, so that was astonishing. I’m a neuroscientist…"

− Asohahn Amarasingham, Neuroscientist and Mathematician at CUNY



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