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Fellow & Publication Contributor
PERCEPTIONS // Brendan Drake's "Rope"

Dancers: Adam Gauzza and Calvin Tsang | PC: Chelsea Robin Lee

In 1948, Alfred Hitchcock created the film Rope - a version of a play inspired by the Leopold-Loeb murder of 1924, in which Nathan Leopold…


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Fellow & Publication Contributor
Reflections // Saari residency Finland 2015

Yuko Takeda, Paul Peers and Tina Mitchell

In June this year, Paul Peers and myself traveled to Finland to participate in a residency called Saari, funded by the Kone Foundation. This fully funded residency not only paid for the flight to Finland and accommodation, but gave us a living allowance and an enormous fully equipped rehearsal room to use exclusively for…


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LEIMAY Ensemble & Guest Colaborators
LEIMAYblog // Jeff Shortt on Tackling borders

When I was first tackling the concept of borders there were many examples that came to mind fairly quickly. Some of these examples were metaphorical and others more concrete - all of them sharing what I now consider to have been a weakness in my foundational understanding of what a border can be. I was constantly envisioning a structure that divided two things. Perhaps these things were once one thing. Perhaps they had actually never made contact with each other, and the drama before me was…


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LEIMAY Ensemble & Guest Colaborators
LEIMAYblog // Andrea Jones - Notes on BORDERS: Part 2

“To understand that the self must leave if the Loa is to enter, is to understand that one cannot be man and god at once,” wrote artist and filmmaker, Maya Deren, in her work on Haitian Vodou, The Divine Horsemen.  In order for a Loa, or spirit, to possess a human, the human body must become vacant or…


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