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PERCEPTION // Julie Mayo and Lorene Bouboushian in Brink Performance Series at Dixon Place

Brink, photo courtesy Lorene Bouboushian and Laura Bartczak.


I would feel remiss were I not to offer a PSA in service of Dixon Place--a delightful space founded by Ellie Coven, now occupying a small albeit noteworthy segment of the Lower East Side. One enters through an old door which opens without the expected wooden heft or squeak of hinges. If the floorboards don't creak in reality, my memory has assigned the…


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PROCESS // Polina in Fragments: Transcriptions from a master's comments in class and rehearsal

Polina Klimovitskaya, master teacher and theater director, has for years been beset by requests that she write about acting. Having started studying with her in January of 2004 and joined her Terra Incognita Theater in 2005, I have been the recipient of a rare kind of apprenticeship. Among my duties has been penning the majority of the…


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ESSAY // Symbolic Action: Performativity in Contemporary Art (part 2)

Janine Antoni Lick and Lather (1993). sculptures installed at the New Museum.

The Performativity in Everyday Life. Identity and the Presentation of the…


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PROCESS // Blocks of Thought

"The first step of technique is separation."

"The slower you go the deeper you get."


A moment into our journey as we travel further within Mary Overlie's Six Viewpoints Practice Manual.

Of the six materials (space, shape, time, emotion, movement, story), we have documented a foray into…


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