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LEIMAY Ensemble & Guest Colaborators
LEIMAYblog // On Writing by LEIMAY Ensemble Member Derek DiMartini

(Disclaimer: while seemingly unrelated to leimay's rehearsal process, I felt this post belonged here, next to all the others)

There’s something so

tragically selfish

about writing—

To be kept away from the


of day to day,

Content with the isolation

needed to draw out what

lies beneath.


How arrogant

of one to think that

solitude could lead to

greatness!  That the things…


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LEIMAY Ensemble & Guest Colaborators
LEIMAYblog // Andrea Jones - Notes on borders: Part 3


Something that I keep going back to during the borders creation process is T.S. Eliot's poetic work, "Four Quartets"

there are a lot of phrases and imagery from the poem that have crept into my dance; somewhat unintentionally.
When I think about the process of making work with LEIMAY, I especially think of the phrase "A lifetime burning in every moment." 
There are no breaks in LEIMAY pieces, there is no going off into the…

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LEIMAY Ensemble & Guest Colaborators
Invented Text

Aviar row clanus un

briar clowman brutanite

xyalowayo gune zarrowmen

saracophonus ack lorrum

sunder bode wrek clune tao

amor ella bon gia flo risen

agga menna r ella etu bofey

omba chekka menna don

gunda zao fen ewwe len

graphon oh gunda chi valloway

shrinance eel ophan frenma

halloway dryscue lario

rander umprietta bel pro nassum

ephrennial khan jour nassa tek

honorennial benna…


Added by Jeff M. Shortt on January 2, 2016 at 11:29pm — No Comments

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