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LEIMAYblog // Andrea Jones - Notes on borders: Part 3


Something that I keep going back to during the borders creation process is T.S. Eliot's poetic work, "Four Quartets"

there are a lot of phrases and imagery from the poem that have crept into my dance; somewhat unintentionally.
When I think about the process of making work with LEIMAY, I especially think of the phrase "A lifetime burning in every moment." 
There are no breaks in LEIMAY pieces, there is no going off into the…

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LEIMAYblog // Andrea Jones - Notes on BORDERS: Part 2

“To understand that the self must leave if the Loa is to enter, is to understand that one cannot be man and god at once,” wrote artist and filmmaker, Maya Deren, in her work on Haitian Vodou, The Divine Horsemen.  In order for a Loa, or spirit, to possess a human, the human body must become vacant or…


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LEIMAYblog // Andrea Jones - Notes on BORDERS

(some notes written in response to the subject of BORDERS)

                         Le Bout du Monde (The End of the World), Leonor Fini

Words do not express thoughts very…


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LEIMAYblog: Andrea Jones: On Becoming Communicative

Words, what are they? One tear will say more than all of them. – A. W. Schlegel

It is a difficult task… using words. Feelings, ideas, emotions are fleeting. Once you open your mouth to express them, they have already gone. What to do then? Keep your mouth shut tightly? Hold on as long as you can to the essence, the fragrance of the feeling before it disappears into the atmosphere like a wisp of smoke? We want to vocalize our feelings, our ideas, so that others can…


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LEIMAYblog // Reflections on Becoming by LEIMAY member Andrea Jones

A process… it signifies an eventual change. There is movement and evolution: a flowing current of electricity. Even in supposed stillness, there is movement: a humming, buzzing, vibrating energy. Energy that is active. Energy that is latent. It lies hidden, dormant within the organism. Fighting, struggling against the cocoon of the flesh. Propels us towards the next stage of existence: towards annihilation, towards realization.


To become something other than what you already…


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