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Economics, Mental Health, and “The Industry”

Economics, Mental Health, and “The Industry”

A Reflection of Sorts by Drew Weinstein


About a year after I graduated from Ithaca College with a Bachelors of Arts in Drama and a Music Minor, I experienced my first of what was to become many panic attacks. Half a year or so after graduating, I moved to New York City to pursue my dream of creating and directing what I perceived to be “experimental” and “immersive” works of theatre and performance (I know those are kind of…


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ESSAY // Movement as Language, Healing, and Liberation

I have been dancing since I first felt the flesh surrounding me in my mother’s womb. Dance for me, like many and most I know, is my purest form of expression. It opens light inside of me, and has been a language between my brain, my body, and my spirit that only I can fully understand. 

When I think of dance, I think of movement, performing, being in motion. This dance, this movement…


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Fellow & Publication Contributor
Working with the Environment through Dance and Film

*Photo by Natalie Deryn Johnson*

The LEIMAY Fellowship is supplying me with the space and resources to create the second film in the environmental dance film series,…


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Re-Performing Asian-ness

What are the words you use to identify yourself?

Where do you call home?

What is your relationship with “your countries?”

Where do you go to be Asian?

How do you stay Asian?

Do you ever feel like you need to present your Asian-ness?

What’s your relationship to the broader POC community?

When did you learn about the history of Asian discrimination in the United…


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Fellow & Publication Contributor
Creating performance through the lens of a photographer

Creating performance through the lens of a photographer:

      Preface: The intended reader is all sides of the article: choreographer, photographer, and audience. 

      The following is a compilation of…


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