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ESSAY // Favoring Fire: reflections on art and production - PART I

Part I: Passion and Ignorance


We talk, in this country at least, about following one’s passion, but I think we don’t mean it. Or rather we mean it only insofar as our passion comes with a 401(k) or can lead to a…


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Friend of LEIMAY
Exploring the Unknown through the Unnecessary

In her Practice Manual for the Six Viewpoints, Mary Overlie describes the practice of Doing the Unnecessary as “a movement exploration that should be extended to breaking logic of all kinds…performers are permitted to be obstructive, non-cooperative, or minimally cooperative.”


My favorite memory of Mary providing an example of the Unnecessary was at the dinner table in Basin, Montana. We had cooked up some steak and asparagus and potatoes and onions. The sun was setting…


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