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briar clowman brutanite

xyalowayo gune zarrowmen

saracophonus ack lorrum

sunder bode wrek clune tao

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agga menna r ella etu bofey

omba chekka menna don

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graphon oh gunda chi valloway

shrinance eel ophan frenma

halloway dryscue lario

rander umprietta bel pro nassum

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LEIMAYblog // Jeff Shortt on Tackling borders

When I was first tackling the concept of borders there were many examples that came to mind fairly quickly. Some of these examples were metaphorical and others more concrete - all of them sharing what I now consider to have been a weakness in my foundational understanding of what a border can be. I was constantly envisioning a structure that divided two things. Perhaps these things were once one thing. Perhaps they had actually never made contact with each other, and the drama before me was…


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Leimay Retreat

In comparison with recent weeks, my time spent between January and May creating with the Leimay ensemble felt a bit like a long introduction to old members of an estranged family. There was a clear connection between the ensemble, but the connection may have thrived only in the desired destination. It was the journey that confused me (I'll speak for myself). In the beginning I could sense everyone's will to contribute to a whole, but now I realize that not everyone understood just how to… Continue

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When confronting the concept of BORDERS there is a relationship that I feel is necessary to investigate before defining the term. That relationship is the dichotomy of natural and unnatural borders, the difference between them, and how they interact with each other to divide the world we live in.

A great mountain range is a perfect example of a natural border. It is a collection of pillars created by the movement of the earth. These pillars control the weather that we experience,…


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