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LEIMAYblog: Eija Ranta. Thoughts on A View

"The way we see things is affected by what we know or what we believe. -- When in love, the sight of beloved has a completeness which no words and no embrace can match: a completeness which only the act of making love can temporarily accommodate.

Yet this…


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LEIMAYblog // Thoughts on Reverberation by LEIMAY member Eija Ranta

Being born in Finland does not make me resistant to the cold weather.

I have started to get spontaneous images pop into my mind of warm places I have adventured to sometime in my life: bright blue skies, green grass, sand, sea water, soft caressing breeze on the skin.. -as if my mind was totally rejecting the present reality:

cold. rain. wind. snow. damp... Having random memories of places or…


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LEIMAYblog // Reflections on the New Museum Residency by LEIMAY member Eija Ranta


balancing an egg

the moment just before finding the balance, as if the eggs texture changes into solid,

angled, sharp.

first i did think it's impossible, but as i saw more and more eggs standing on the floor by them selves, i started to believe in what i was trying to make happen. still it remained difficult, i kept telling myself "it's possible", "this is easy". looking at the other eggs i saw they were not always standing upright. some were…


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LEIMAYblog // Reflections on Moeno Wakamatsu's workshop by LEIMAY member Eija Ranta

Difference in describing and becoming (a scent etc.).

Internal vs. external impulse.

"dance is not movement".

Keep body as passive matter, but have desire. This contradiction creates a dance, because 

desire always has a direction. How do you transform the image you have into your body? -This is your work.

Slow motion vs. movement that is slow as a result.

-don't remove yourself from the reality, stay awake.


With emotions body goes…


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LEIMAYblog // Reflections on Becoming by LEIMAY member Eija Ranta



absorbing from the surrounding, forming in to reflection of it,

transforming in to new and different yet the same. 

slowmoving, deformed.                                              time stops.

shapeless. birth.                                                       identityless.

reaching a shape, moment of stillness and suddenly dissolving again. disappearing.


never coming.


keeping becoming.

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