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Being born in Finland does not make me resistant to the cold weather.

I have started to get spontaneous images pop into my mind of warm places I have adventured to sometime in my life: bright blue skies, green grass, sand, sea water, soft caressing breeze on the skin.. -as if my mind was totally rejecting the present reality:

cold. rain. wind. snow. damp... Having random memories of places or situations from the past pop into my mind is nothing new, but for the first time those images are continuously from warm places, sun shine and freedom of adventure..   

Movement combined with sound -work we have gotten into lately at rehearsals has been revolutionary to me. 

For years I was pursuing acting, and once having actually graduated from the Theater Academy, I slowly admitted to myself that I did not desire to work as an actor.

It was mainly because of words. 

I felt words were restricting me. There was no difference whether they were Finnish, Russian or English, I felt they did not become natural to me no matter how much I trained my voice, the lines, the melody of that particular language or tried to connect to the feeling I was presenting..

Never before did I realize how connected the sound is to the body, and how strong imageries it creates when combined with movement. Its so fascinating and I can't wait to discover more about. Yet something about it feels familiar like an old friend.

It gives new satisfaction using my body as well as my sound, not tied to any language, to associations or lack of them, it's something totally new and unexpected. 

Eija's recommendation:

Soundtrack for Krzysztof Kieślowski's Trois Couleurs: Rouge by

Zbigniew Preisner

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