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Emily Smith's Gibberish

Gin nam bah Kah Feta Teko She min Koo gah bah go ley nam ka fah toh il kee tel em a

gooo beefini katem ishi trim cino go ic pah. Fenekap loit teenab zarkowi batzarken

lymphazodee titzooboo kentanaboo pleecow pertenabini fetakuno bleep a boon keen klintaro

pertabula sheet ex glintara hicular etta bin setoil ashook bin etta bin eshit utza aren thift

usheren owenif eteation ardile icot boreen otome ownsky agels poex alings orth utler iance

eldona verayne…


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Emily Smith Reflection of Puzzle Duets

Puzzle Reflection:

 For some reason this was such a challenging task for me, on multiple levels. First of all I think it was hard for me to stay true to the creation of souly action and reaciton movement. I wanted to do moment in the duet that involved both parties initiation. Also I had trouble keeping true to the idea of actually fitting together like a puzzle. Especially during the transitions. But probably the most challenging of all was remembering the duet for the…


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Reflection of the Retreat by Emily Smith

Reflection on the Retreat

I thoroughly enjoyed the retreat. It was so great being able to have the time and the space to focus on one task instead of trying to multitask, Job, Life, Family Friends, Roomates, and the multiple other projects we are all working on. We could all pour our energy and creativity into souly being dancers for leimay. It was also awesome to have the time to consistantly train and challenge our bodies. I noticed a vast change in myself physically…


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Communications Between Cells: (Very Important)


So I basically just wanted to mention how awesome and complicated and important cell communication was. That a billions of individual cells have to find a way to be self contained and yet still have lucid communication with eachother near and far. Which allows muscles to contract, electricity to go through our neurons, hormones to regulate our bodies, cells to…


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LEIMAYblog // Thinking about Borders, Plus Do Ho Suh is an awesome artist! Check out his Stuff!

Border are created for organization, for protection, for control, to simplify understanding. Borders are indicative in how people create identity, for example this is where I end and YOU begin. Borders can create something like barriers they can be indicative of a beginning and an ending, they can be an illusion. People create borders based on a myriad of different reasons. It's almost a human instinct. Borders can even be created within oneself, for everyone is made of a…


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