Reflection on the Retreat

I thoroughly enjoyed the retreat. It was so great being able to have the time and the space to focus on one task instead of trying to multitask, Job, Life, Family Friends, Roomates, and the multiple other projects we are all working on. We could all pour our energy and creativity into souly being dancers for leimay. It was also awesome to have the time to consistantly train and challenge our bodies. I noticed a vast change in myself physically throughout the retreat. For it is rare that we have so much consistant time to devote to our craft as dancers. I feel like we had a great group energy and that we were ready and willing and excited to face the challenges of creating.

Also it was so good for the soul to be surrounded by trees and mountains, and to be eating fresh vegetables from the garden. I was so excited to be surrounded by sounds that were NOT those of the hustle and bustel of the city! It was incredibly soothing and healing to hear spring peepers and crickets at night. Also to be breathing fresh air and not the polluted air of the city.

Furthermore it was really exciting to actually see all the elements of the piece coming together, both the movement and the visual part of it, with the projectors and the smoke, with the sound. All of these elements in the room at once were very stimulating and inspiring creatively. I enjoyed stepping out of the work for a moment and seeing the how awesome everyone lookeed. And seeing from the outside how things were coming together. It was rewarding to be researching so consistantly certain scenes and to be building them everyday.

Next retreat would be awesome if it were two weeks instead of one. But it was still awesome to have the one week!

I had an amazing time on the retreat!

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