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Border are created for organization, for protection, for control, to simplify understanding. Borders are indicative in how people create identity, for example this is where I end and YOU begin. Borders can create something like barriers they can be indicative of a beginning and an ending, they can be an illusion. People create borders based on a myriad of different reasons. It's almost a human instinct. Borders can even be created within oneself, for everyone is made of a multiplicity of identities, this can be true in people who have multiple points of origin and who have multiple backgrounds. Backgrounds may include a sense of place and culture where you were born and where you great up and where you landed and where home for you now. Maybe home exists in multiple continents. OR Backgrounds may include different schools of thought that you base your belief systems, you taking a bit of each as your identity. It is interesting for me to navigate the borders of public spaces. Borders that indicate my space and your space, how much respect do I give to your space. Sometimes in trying to respect your space my intentions are misread, I come off as cold, or a snob, or I am trying so much to respect your space you think that I am not even acknowledging it!! But the truth is I am acknowledging your space so much that I have given up even my imposing right of acknowledgment for some how this seemed to me to show you more respect and agency. The spaces of casual street crossings are so loaded with borders. Sometimes I think we start to project our own borders on other people. We assume borders where there are not and in doing so build more borders stronger and thicker and more impenetrable. It not easy to navigate unspoken borders, created out of thin air, who's infrastructure is supported by 1000 of years of creation. 

Check out this artist! Do Ho Suh


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