LEIMAYblog: THE ARTISTS ARE PRESENT by Maximilian Balduzzi

The body of the future is a present body.

A new relationship validates the impulses and immediacies revealing the vulnerability and intimacy of our physical reality.


The performance is the presence of the artists.

The performance is the artists’ presence.


The artists present the performance:

October 23rd, performers meet for the first time as human beings

October 25th, first email followed by first phone call

October 26th, performers first date. Dinner

October 27th: performer 2 presents work, performer 1 witnesses. Dinner


October 30th, 2pm, performer 2 visits performer 1 at his location. 4.33pm performer 1 receives invitation to answer the question “What is the future body?”. Performer 2 is seated in front of performer 1 at a dinner table. Performer 1 invites performer 2 to participate

November 1st-November 18th, noon, performers rehearse intimacy and vulnerability

November 18th, noon-November 21st, 2pm, performers avoid physical contact

November 21st, 2pm, performers grab two chairs, enter the space, sit facing and begin.


Machines are not vulnerable, humans are.

Machines can not be intimate, humans can.

(While writing this article performers were unable to avoid physical contact)

Maximilian Balduzzi

Whitney V. Hunter

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