Still of special request: CP by Rebecca Brooks 

I'm currently developing a new work, Still Left On This Rock, which will premiere in NYC at Danspace Project, April 10-12, 2014. I wrote individually to Liz Santoro, David Thomson, and Cassie Peterson, asking each person what s/he thought the work I'm making might look like, feel like, sound like. I then made short performances on video in response to their responses.

-Rebecca Brooks


Liz Santoro on what RB's work might look like, feel like, sound like:

It looks like curves that make strong, long lines.
It sounds clear and direct but you can never tell from which direction it originates
It feels like we're all supposed to be here.

It looks like animals.
It sounds like animals.
It feels like animals.

It looks like difficult fun.
It sounds like easy listening.
It feels like the next level.


RB's response to LS's response:

special request: LS from Rebecca Brooks on Vimeo.


David Thomson on what RB's work might look like, feel like, sound like:

The work of Rebecca Brooks negotiates time with patience, allowing things to unfold in their own time. There is an intensity of presence that draws you into detail. Yet there are moments of scattered activity that shift the rhythm and you get caught up in the somewhat chaotic but purposeful tasks that reveal another logic; perhaps a deeper emotional negotiation of something invisible...past, present, future. In the end, she sits...singing a wistful tune.


RB's response to DT's response:

special request: DT from Rebecca Brooks on Vimeo.


Cassie Peterson on what RB's work might look like, feel like, sound like:

beautiful, simple distillation
a quiet breath
positioned peripherally, yet potent
witnessing the "withness" of the body
a gentle ritual, healing, tender
bodies knit together


RB's response to CP's response:

special request: CP from Rebecca Brooks on Vimeo.

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