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A time in the studio with... Jeremy Pheiffer

  • What is the first thing you do when you begin your rehearsal at CAVE?

Preparation for the brain and the body begins during my walk to the studio from the Lorimer G. Grabbing a cup of coffee, seeing everyone in their morning routine. When I first arrive at the White Studio, I select music and begin with a sensation based warm-up, a combination of Qi Gong and Klein techniques. From there, I focus on activation of the core and the pelvis. 

  • How have weekly rehearsals impacted the way that you work? 

The geography of the space has influenced my process. To be able to create in the space I will be performing in [for SOAK] is rare, in dance. Normally, you create in the studio and then you have to imagine the parameters of the performance space. Because the White Studio is narrow when I want to really move my trajectory becomes circular or I cut through space with imagined pathways.

  • In one sentence, what is at the core of your work? What drives you to create?

How do I create a situation in which I can have a profound experience in performance?

  • Discuss your use of the body in your practice...


I have a physical practice, working deeply within the body, working against personal habits to find new places for my body to go. It's challenging to not focus on a product. But that's what I want [for the Fellowship] to be be able to spend time without expectation. Instead of asking myself "Can I use this?" Having faith that the practice will arrive at the performance, specifically for SOAK, allowing myself room for surprises within a live performance.

  • Tell me about your first experience with LEIMAY, CAVE, or Ximena and Shige?


I first heard about CAVE by word of mouth within my performance community and from colleagues who study Qi Gong and other eastern movement practices. I learned about LEIMAY and their work through current LEIMAY Ensemble members and previous LEIMAY Fellows. 

Fellow Feature #2 // Jeremy Pheiffer from CAVE home of LEIMAY on Vimeo.

Learn more about Jeremy through his conectom profile!

A time in the studio with... is a platform to showcase participating artists in the LEIMAY Fellowship Program 2016-2017. Interviews and video content are created by Studio Manager Lindsey Mandolini. 

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