LEIMAYblog // Thoughts and Reactions to Leimay at The New Museum by LEIMAY guest Tara Fenmore

In many ways I feel that all of our studies at The New Museum transcended the pedestrian.  For me,  the state of being aware of the body - by that, I mean, the temporary shift of awareness (an energy shift) from the brain to body - is NOT a pedestrian act.  It is the antithesis of pedestrian.  I agree with Shige: "The pedestrian body is a thinking body."  

Throughout my experience as a participant, I was engaged in the process of shifting awareness (or energy) from my brain and into my body.  Even throughout the simple gesture of balancing on one leg.  I was aware of the weight shifting in my foot.  I was sending my energy down into my pelvis, leg and foot.  I was imagining the fluids of my body sinking into that weighted side of my body.  For me, sending the energy to a specific point/area of the body is a similar if not identical process to feeling the fluids of my body - except visualization is employed more intensely in the latter - or at least should be...I'm still working on that.  Visualization takes patience.  I have been trained and therefore, I am aware.  

I am curious about the experience an untrained person would have working to accomplish the same gesture: balancing on one foot.  I hypothesize that he/she would not be physically aware. He/she probably wouldn't be aware of the weight shifting in the foot without someone bringing it into his/her attention.  He/she would probably be in his/her head THINKING about balancing and not feeling the body balancing.  Not focused on energy shifts or water visualization, this person would probably start thinking about how hungry he/she is or the museum guard who gave him/her a slight attitude fifteen minutes ago.  The mind would wander. THAT is pedestrian. 

BUT, I also think, just as weight shifts in a relatively "off-balanced" body to stay upright, pedestrian and "performative" energies shift within the trained body.  There were times when I was thinking about the egg and visualizing my body as the balanced egg.  And then there were times that my mind would wander from my visualization/awareness and think about the audience behind me or the fact that my leg hurt.  

I was also aware that the more complex the activities became - the more likely I was to fall into more pedestrian patterns.  For example, the jumping phrases we created and "performed" on Thursday. I was absolutely unaware of my body during those jumps.  I was thinking, "Omg. I hate this. Omg. When is this going to be over? I am so tired..."  


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