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LEIMAYblog // Thoughts and Reactions to Leimay at The New Museum by LEIMAY guest Tara Fenmore

In many ways I feel that all of our studies at The New Museum transcended the pedestrian.  For me,  the state of being aware of the body - by that, I mean, the temporary shift of awareness (an energy shift) from the brain to body - is NOT a pedestrian act.  It is the antithesis of pedestrian.  I agree with Shige: "The pedestrian body is a thinking body."  

Throughout my experience as a participant, I was engaged in the process of shifting awareness (or energy) from my brain…


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LEIMAYblog // Thoughts on the pedestrian and neutrality by LEIMAY guest Tara Fenamore

What is pedestrian?  “Pedestrian” is a societal construct.  It is human action and behavior as sifted through a societal sieve.  These become evolutionary habits and norms – all conceived through the development and advancement of civilization.  Each socialized human body is a civilization.  We are born animals.  Our bodies, souls, temperaments are sifted through the societal sieve.  All excess sensation and awareness – unnecessary for survival in “civilized” society – falls away.  We are…


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