I remember...Sirens. Dogs running into shelter. Fire in wind. My dad driving. Facebook. Waking up in an hospital connected to machines. Lies. Slaughterhouse. Secrets. Mania.

What is beautiful about frantic energy?(or: what is frantic beauty?) Adrenaline. Thrill. Danger. madness. blunt, raw, truth. Stream of unfiltered thought. the soundtrack of a human brain. Wild untouched nature. Deep crack in the earth. Storm in the middle of the ocean. Rapid heartbeat. New born baby screaming.

The translation from Hebrew:
Frantic - Mad, loud, frenetic, hectic, crazy, anxious.

frantic with addictions, desire, attachment to sense pleasure (Sex,food,alcohol, drugs etc.)and material: money,reputation/fame/recognition/confirmation.

Truth is urgent.I want to be frantic about cultivating a non-frantic presence. Frantically removing layers of previous ideas I covered myself with, previous definitions, titles, habits, I want to frantically unknow in order to re-know things. Rediscover and then rediscover again. I want to frantically smash my ego and discover who I am without it, frantically fail, embarrass myself, hurt myself, and find out what is left without this perhaps false sense of "myself".

Should we channel the frantic energy into focus and power? frantic energy with a sense of direction? Or rather embrace abundance, fall free into the frantic movement , without any sense of peace and with no desire to find it, is this trans? What are the edges?

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