LEIMAYblog // Thoughts on Frantic Beauty by LEIMAY Ensemble Member Krystel Copper

Hummingbirds, colorful, in serene nature, 
depicted as peaceful...
hearts racing...internal buzz...
chaos in a pretty shell...
yet heart beat itself is a structure...
structure containing chaos containing structure, and so on forever. 
Structure allowing freedom and risk and danger...
the tension of freedom living within structures. 
the tension of freedom within living structures
Deconstructing everything until it's exploded into space dust 
and then trying to reel it back in and re-form and contain it 
for the purpose of understanding 
but then realizing why to understand, 
it must e x p a n d and explode again... 
grasping, slipping, letting go, holding tight. 
waterfalls or guts
being too much
breaking a dam

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