LEIMAYblog // Reflections on 11/28 at New Museum by LEIMAY guest Zavé Martohardjono


When the egg finally stood, it was a magical feeling. As if lightness had suddenly lifted all its weight upwards into the sky. I had been holding it with such gentle guidance for so long, wondering what tiny molecular balance it would take to reach equilibrium, and finally I pulled my fingers away as quickly as possible when it happened. I felt the watery weight catch gravity on every side of its shell.

On the wooden block, it was first a process of lifting, just sending my weight and gravity upwards in order to mount the tall block. And once up there, my upper body and mid body were light, sending my mass upwards, but my leg and foot on the block were the egg shell, pulled and pushed down, left and right--wobbling constantly.

The point of balance, the zero point, felt neutral. Like invisible weight that could go in any direction.


Fast inside/slow outside felt like frames of film in slow motion. You can see the momentum of action (its expression, urgency, force, direction), but parsed out into frame by frame sequence.

Fast outside/slow inside felt like my body was filled with iron or mercury, a metal force pushing the insides of a vessel that is already in motion not form the inside but on its own and without internal momentum. My body was very loose in this exercise.


Baby blue--airy, ethereal, half sleeping

Tomato red--charged, royal, monstrous

Brown--rooted, heavy, soil-bound

Orange--frantic, fiery/flaming/flickering

One color body into another color space--internal energy calibrated by external environment

One color body in same color space--a feeling of ignition, like the sense/color is ignited, propelled, bursts open with momentum

Thinking/No Thinking:

The first is awareness, form, consciousness

The second is unconscious, body moves faster (or in less unexpected ways) than mind can catch up to

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