LEIMAYblog // Frantic Beauty by LEIMAY Ensemble Member Mario Galeano

i am standing on black volcanic sand at an isolated beach. ancient siliceous rocks talk to my cracked heels, whispering stories of leviathans. the sun makes my skin sweat, but the warm breeze quickly evaporates it, leaving me covered with only saltiness. my eyes open and in front of me stands a giant wave. i realize that i am dreaming a recurring dream. i try to move, but I'm paralyzed with fear; no escape. the body of water is approaching fast towards me though its roar reaches my ears first. i ask "is it time?." before it can spit a word, the tsunami eats me whole. at once, all my bones break. no pain, all pleasure.  i surrender to the millions of directions my body is twisting. my sight adjusts to the 500 miles per hour velocity. other bodies appear with smiling faces, and i hear giggles coming out of their deep dimples. it is contagious. i start to giggle, then to laugh out loud. the liquefied bodies rub against each other making a rubbery sound and adding to the aquatic symphony. the water disappears. i am now being moved only by human bodies. violently happy!

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