LEIMAYblog: And not a moment too soon: reflections on the future body @ the new museum By: Sam Pinkleton

 5 things i remember:


ximena, breathing

everyone falling in love with that

important pink sneakers

chairs, facing each other

here's what i loved:

(apologies if i am projecting)

none of us had any idea how to answer the fucking question 

and then, almost alchemically:

everyone answered the question (perfectly)

being in a room of other dance and performance artists (a rare context for me) is traditionally terrifying and harrowing. this was, somehow, a relief and a pleasure to feel the great support, the contrasting and overlapping energies, viewpoints, methodologies...this isn't what i was expecting. i also felt like despite my bright colors, funny faces, and pounding music selection - all i could feel after my presentation was a kernel of doom about the future body. or perhaps doom (palpable, consuming, fiery doom) in my consideration of the future body, or "the future body", whatever it is. thoughts that those who do not rely on bright colors, as i constantly am in life/as an artist/"as an artist", perhaps have more to look forward to (or at least the roads are open, i suppose). but we draw our own conclusions, and pick our own playlists. what keeps my mind going is the refreshing (life-giving?) and new knowledge that there is room for everyone's thinking, including rihanna's and taylor swift's, and the conversation is somehow made richer with the addition of each voice. 

some have asked that i share the text that i read that day, so i've pasted it below (completely unedited since the day it was performed, much to my chagrin...)

happy holidays


A wee proposal for the future body

sam pinkleton the new museum november 2012



Yesterday someone was telling me about this article they were reading about prosthetics being engineered in the future to function better than actual human limbs so I thought I might talk about that but I couldn’t find the article.

Anyway so I made a list of specific possibilities about "the future body." Just to get my head inside of this question. Which we can all agree is a black hole.

"the future body"
I do not know what the hell that means. So this is what i came up with in no order:

It has more to do.
It is stronger.
It keeps up and it stays in shape.
It can pick more shit up.
It has a shorter attention span that you or I.
It may not be surprising.
It worries less and it works more.
It wears brighter and more flattering colors.
It is less talking more walking.
It does not roll its eyes.
It is exactly what you think it is.
It listens to the radio, reads trashy magazines, and has seconds.
It is for Aunt Pat, for your friend with the important scarf, and for that guy over there. It should not make you nervous.
It watches too much porn.
It knows the top 10 songs of the week.
It has the attention span of a toddler.
It is candy.
It is Tokyo.
It was gone for a minute now it's back at the jump off.
It is not human. Is it not human? Holy fuck. It might not be human.
It is good with its fingers.
It envies those with patience.
It goes big or goes home.
It says things like “go big or go home”.
It can still want to make the top 10 songs of the week better.
It does not settle.
It says things like “I do not settle”.
It eventually settles.
It is too broke and too busy to do just one thing.
It is trying its damndest.

It has already moved on.
It is Japanese candy.
It will phone in the assignment.
It does the reading.
It doesn't need to tell you that it did the reading.
It barely has an attention span.
It is getting stronger by the moment.
It's alive.
Oh god it's alive.
It is bigger and brighter and badder.
It wants you to take its picture.
It wants to think of itself as more nervous-making.
It has perhaps been seen before.
It has not yet read that article.
It tips it's hat.
It is direct.
It wishes it could slow down.
It hates that fucking cunt Emily and her bullshit racist Facebook rants. It will not say it to her face.
It thinks it takes the high road.
It is bedazzled.
It is off the rack.
It is a dime a dozen.
It can benchpress you.
It has room for all of us.
It does not roll its eyes.
It considers itself post-irony.
It does not use phrases like "post irony".
It did read that article.
It is blue ivy.
It does not have a payoff.
It is louder, faster, funnier.
It has definitely been done before.
It knows how to use a hammer and a glue gun.
It does not write a paper.
It can be consumed in one sitting.
It is not gender roles.
It leaves you wanting more.
It hurts your ears.
It makes your mouth taste metallic an hour later.
It is just what the doctor ordered.
It is already tired of this goddamn list.
It is all we have time for.
It can be bought in bulk.
It is titty time.
It is boom dynamite.
It has guessed the ending.
It opens it's arms to you.
It does not have an attention span.
It is probably already here.
Its only task is to keep up and stay in shape.

It has cunning transitions. 

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Comment by LEIMAY on December 16, 2012 at 1:26am

Thank you Sam!

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