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ESSAY // Favoring Fire: Part II (five years later)

This article is a contribution from 2018-2019 LEIMAY Fellowship Artist Jeremy Goren. The LEIMAY Fellows are a group of local artists working individually throughout the year at the LEIMAY studio.


Five years ago this…


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ESSAY // Favoring Fire: reflections on art and production - PART I

Part I: Passion and Ignorance


We talk, in this country at least, about following one’s passion, but I think we don’t mean it. Or rather we mean it only insofar as our passion comes with a 401(k) or can lead to a…


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PROCESS//False solutions to a genuine problem: Attempting to Make A Difference. Part I.

 Photo by Charlie Winter


You Will Make A Difference is a theatrical work that performed eleven times between October 19 and November 11, 2012. An ambulatory performance staged progressively through several spaces in the West-Park Presbyterian Church, where the audience moved together through a prescribed path following the…


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AcTS ONLINE // Polina Klimovitskaya in Conversation / Part 1: Transformation

Polina Klimovitskaya in Conversation Part I: Transformation.

Polina Klimovitskaya is the Artistic Director of Terra Incognita Theater and teaches acting at Yale University and Michael Howard Studios, among other places in the USA and abroad. She has taught acting for more than 30 years. I began studying with her in 2004 and…


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PROCESS//Score of "You Will Make A Difference"

You Will Make a Difference: a watch-and-play

Performed at the West Park Presbyterian Church

October 19-November 11, 2012, Fridays-Sundays


The performers:…


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LEIMAYblog: New Museum Notes and Reflections, or Los huevos luminosos by Jeremy Goren

To begin, I cannot say I have any real answers to our central questions. This has led me, really, to more questions. I think for me the central question became one that I posed before we began at the museum and that I found manifest in my experience over our several days working there: What happens if we say 'human being' instead of 'body'? (A caveat is how does the terminology of a field clarify and restrict its possibilities?) I found this manifest during our work primarily, I think,…


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