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ESSAY// where do we begin?: Thoughts on Absence

This past February I travelled to Texas with my company of dancers to present a few different pieces. We performed 3 film and performance works in Houston and a performance piece in Austin at a gallery. One of our pieces performed in Houston was titled ‘while you were away,’ and explores absence. In ‘while you were away,’ there is film that mirrors the dancers on stage, at times it mirrors them exactly and at times it reflects what they are not and what they could be, what it…


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PROCESS// A Candid List of Inspirations


At Sea by Peter Hutton

The Mirror by Andrey Tarkovsky

My work is particularly influenced by The Mirror. For me this is one of the most inspiring dance films. At the time that I saw this film, I had been watching many recently…


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PROCESS // Thoughts On Making Work


LOOK FOR ME (2016, 16mm) by Lucy Kerr 

         I am writing this article in response to some questions I’ve been asked recently: “what keeps you so disciplined,” and “how do you stay so focused on your work” and in general just questions regarding how to get art work done. I appreciate these questions and while I suppose…


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ESSAY// In A Moment

         In this next series of writings I am revisiting last year’s research into Nietzsche’s doctrine of Eternal Recurrence, exploring what it might feel like to experience a moment. On a linear view of time, a view ingrained in the Western world and deriving from a Christian worldview, our perspective toward time is viewed as sequential moments leading to some kind of destination or ending. Each one building consequences upon another. Nietzsche rebelled against…


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ESSAY // I Should Like To Be This Landscape

“I should like to be the landscape which I am contemplating, I should like this sky, this quiet water to think themselves within me, that it might be I whom they express in flesh and bone, and I remain at a distance. But it is also by this distance that the sky and the water exist before me. My contemplation is an excruciation only because it is also a joy. I can not appropriate the snow field where I slide. It remains foreign, forbidden, but I take delight in this very…


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PROCESS // Expressing Some Kind of Nothing (III)

“...poetic images are imaginings in a distinctive sense: not mere fancies and illusions but imaginings that are visible inclusions of the alien in the sight of the familiar” Martin Heidegger

         In my past two…


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ESSAY // Expressing Some Kind of Nothing (II)


Tastumi Hijikata, photo by Eikoh Hosoe

“...that the spirit would take leave of all faith and every wish for certainty, being practiced in maintaining himself…


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ESSAY // Expressing Some Kind of Nothing

photo from The Sacrifice by Andrey Tarkovsky

“Man is a rope, fastened between animal and superman – a rope over an abyss.  A dangerous going-across, a dangerous wayfaring, a dangerous looking-back, a dangerous shuddering and staying-still.” Friedrich Nietzsche


         As people, we are…


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PROCESS // Body Weather Workshop with Sherwood Chen: Images from Ourselves

Body Weather Workshop with Sherwood Chen, photo by Shige Moriya

       Sherwood Chen’s Ludus Lab workshop at CAVE home of LEIMAY was an intensive weekend of physical and rhythmic training, personal movement research and investigation, and…


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PERCEPTIONS // "Mongrel" by Sherwood Chen : Dancing the In-Between

Sherwood Chen, photo by Shige Moriya 

         Sherwood Chen’s Mongrel presented at CAVE in LEIMAY’s At Home Series was an intimate invitation into the artist’s memories and relationships between cultural and personal experience. In light and darkness, moments of loss and of clarity, outward…


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