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Essay// Interdisciplinary within Meredith Monk's earlier works (part 3/1)

The uniqueness of Interdisciplinary depicted in Meredith Monk’s earlier works could be viewed from three different perspectives. First, from Monk’s growth based on various artistic performances and through the composition of her ensemble group, The House. Second, ‘Mixed Genre of Triangle Theatre’ from various arts and media. Lastly, the reconstruction of performance spaces.

Meredith Monk’s Growth and Composition of The House

Meredith Monk is a Peruvian…


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ESSAY // The Female Body in Conflict

The Female Body in Conflict

 The body is where identity coexists with gender. Exploring the concept of ‘the female’, feminist artists used the body as a locus of both imposed and inherent womanhood. Postmodern feministS confronted the idea of an essential female nature and instead argued for femininity as masquerade. The female body is rooted in the sexual.…


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