CAVE Resident Terra Incognita's Managing Director, Jeremy Goren, is holding try-outs/interviews for a project he is creating with AliveWire Theatrics. Please see the description below and contact him if interested. 

The Gaggery and Gilt
A festive, installed performance.

AliveWire Theatrics seeks proactive creator-performers to participate in an ensemble-devised work. We encourage people of all ages and types to submit, as long as they are open to a rigorous, exploratory, and joyful creative process. Conceived and directed by AliveWire's AMP Resident Artist Jeremy Goren (2011 Lincoln Center Directors Lab Master Artist; Terra Incognita Theater), The Gaggery and Gilt will form over an atypical, five-month development and rehearsal process, beginning in April and culminating in performances in September, around the anniversary of the start of Occupy Wall Street, a fundamental inspiration for this inquiry into the nature of individual and societal transitions. Rehearsals will happen 1-3 times per week.

How did we get to this place? What happened to all they promised and we believed? Now what?

Arising out of our current moment, this performance-installation after medieval miracle pageants explores the promises society makes to itself and, particularly, to its children – and what happens at adolescence when the veil of belief in those promises might tear. Drawing on Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, puberty rites, “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, and the performers’ own stories, this festive experience invites the audience to move physically through an immersive and participatory progression from past to present, attempting to bring us fully to where we are.

Artists interested in joining us for the workshop-style audition from 4-7pm on Saturday, March 24, should send a CV, resume, or artistic biography, as well as a short letter of interest and a photograph to: The letter should consist of a brief response to the following: What are you searching for yourself right now in art and life? What is your experience with the American Dream? And, what about the '90s? If you cannot attend that day but still want us to consider you, note that in your letter. We will read only complete submissions. Non-union. Some pay.

AliveWire Theatrics conducts work that is Connective, Charged and Current. Grounded in our belief that artistic action must follow through until it reaches an audience, AliveWire is staffed exclusively by an expanding collaboration of artist who facilitate each others’ work. These core members strive to empower the agency of plays and help them come into their own. We are dedicated to discovering and implementing new and evolving circuitry to make these projects happen.

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