Urban Research Theater





- Read script and become familiar with festival lighting plot.

- Attend 5-6 rehearsals in October and early November 2011.

- Design and run lights for one performance on November 5th, 2011.






Ben Spatz will perform the solo work RITE OF THE BUTCHER as part of the United Solo Festival on November 5 at Theatre Row in Times Square. The performance is at 7:30pm with a tech rehearsal at 6:00pm on the same day. A basic lighting setup is provided by the festival. Lights can be re-focused but not re-hung.


This is an opportunity for intimate creative work in a low-tech situation. If the collaboration is successful, future opportunities could involve greater technical resources, longer runs, and higher stipend.


All inquiries and applications should be emailed to "ben at urban research theater dot com" (no spaces). Please include a resume and description of your previous work in lighting design, with photos if possible.


More details:


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