There are a heck of a lot of you new conectom members who don't have a profile picture.

We are very glad that you like our brainy place holder image, but we would rather have you personalize a bit more!


You can go through the horrible process of posting that ubiquitous self-shot done with your smartphone -in the mirror


You can have a bit of fun and join our little contest!

We want you to put up your best 'no profile pic' pic!


Put up your own extremely clever place holder image and we will feature you as WINNER conectom member with one of your photo portfolios on the front page of conectom! (This means you have to have some other good images to show, btw)

You have until July 11th (dead line extended) to show your masterpiece- and if you win you will have more of your masterpieces shown off!

When you have an image up please leave a reply message to this discussion so we know you want to be in the running!

We can't wait to see what you come up with!

Thank you for being the creative folks you are!

tm of the Staff

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Interesting, I kept getting an error message while uploading my new profile photo saying I didn't have my background info selected (even though it was).  However, it looks like my new photo is up so all is well.  Thanks.


Thank you Eric for contributing our first submission!

Who will be next?!

Ha-ha! No-contest contest for a no-pic profile pic!

Thanks for keeping it silly!

Hi, I'm new here.  The piece I'm posting as my profile pic happened just before today's sunrise after coming back from a long night out.  I work with spray paint a lot, and words even more.  "If only the cognitive weren't imperative."  If only our thoughts needed no thinking out.

Very poetic of you, Michael. And thank you for posting!

I did close this contest- but we could start a new one!


(I hope you wear a mask with all that spray paint!)

I am about to "revive" this little contest for 2014.

We have too many blah looking profiles around there!


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