I am seeking performers and non-performers to take part in a 20 minute improv/movement-based performance that will happen on Friday, May 15th at Court Square Studios as part of the opening of The Long Island City Arts Festival. Your part in our performance would be to crowd the space in which we're performing.
Your Part in The Performance: 
At 7:30 pm my collaborator and I will start the performance outside. There will not be an official start, Ariane and I will just begin from wherever we are outside the building. 
Where you come in is when we go inside the building and into the room in which the rest of the performance will happen. You'll slowly but surely start entering that room. Keep a slow but steady pace when entering. The room should not fill too quickly. 
As for what to do when you're in the room, imagine you're entering a subway car, your apartment or other public or private places that we simply exist in. Be yourself in the space. So, if that means you want to explore the room, sit and read, talk to your friend, check your phone, do yoga, flirt with that cute person over there, talk to us.. do it. As long as it's you being you. No acting, no performing. Your presence alone will be more than enough to influence the way in which Ariane and I occupy the space. 
And don't be afraid to over-crowd the room. Ideally, the room would look like Times Sq on New Years Eve night. (There are 2 large windows in the space, so you won't feel like you're in a closet with a ton of strangers.)
And finally, I'm still in need of people so if you could put the word out or ask a friend to join you that would be amazing. 
Contact person: Butch Merigoni, bmerigoni@gmail.com
Thank you, thank you. 
Ariane and Butch

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Interesting! Are you still experimenting with movement - based performance? About 15 years ago I worked with choreographer/dancer Noémie Lafrance of SENS productions in Williamsburg in her AGORA II audience-participation experiment in the empty McCarren Park pool, and several years later I participated in her White Box movement experiment, also in Williamsburg. Your work above seems to parallel that crowd piece. Get back to me please. Woodge1@hotmail.com


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